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5" 880 Ton Press Line (1995)
7" 1800 Ton Press Line (2021)
Team Pride Extrusions, Inc. is an integrated aluminum extrusion manufacturing company of dedicated employees providing a variety of custom aluminum extruded products and services to it's customers. Team Pride Extrusions houses a 5 1/8" press line and a 7" press line with the ability to hold close tolerance extrusions. Team Pride Extrusions has a proven track record for running tough, complex shapes, and we have earned the distinction of being the go to place for running light shapes economically.  Team Pride Extrusions is also capable of running smaller, 300 pound, orders without a setup charge.  Other specialties are technical extrusions with mating part applications, walls as thin as .040", high aspect ratios, and complex hollows with with tight tolerances.  TPE is also know for holding ultra precision tolerances of less than 50% of the industry allowed tolerances on important dimensions when needed.



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